Ever go to a tax preparer.income tax preparation

Hand over your tax information.

And, the next time you hear from them is on a phone call stating,  “Your taxes are done and the cost is !!!!!!” The amount they quote almost makes you fall off the chair!  Or worse yet, they quoted you a price in the beginning and now it is way more than you thought.

Your CPA Alternative takes a different approach to preparing your taxes, with us we do the following steps:

  1. Your returns are prepared by IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer
  2. You will be told up front how much your return costs and this number doesn’t change unless there is something big you didn’t tell us about. We always discuss this with you before proceeding and make sure you agree.  We don’t give you any surprises on cost.
  3. You will hear from us during the process, asking questions about various areas in an effort to minimize your tax burden and, if you are due a refund, make it the largest possible.
  4. We will review your individual situation and help you plan for the future years.
  5. If we see a mistake on a prior return we will work on an amendment(s) for you, free of charge. You will only pay us for the return should you choose to file it with the IRS. Did you know you can go back 2 years plus the current and file amendments???
  6. We will provide you with a permanent file of all your tax return documents clearly marked with the year for your records.
  7. Suppose your situation dictates that you just can’t get all the necessary information on time, and together we just can’t get those taxes done by April 15th. We take care of filing the necessary extensions with the IRS to keep you in compliance.
  8. Owe money to the IRS? We will help you set up an installment agreement to pay those pesky taxes and not lose your shirt in the process.
  9. E-File during the primary tax season.  IRS does not permit E-Filing after April 15th
  10. We offer several payment options to fit your individual needs.

You will get all this and more using Your CPA Alternative for your tax preparation and planning needs.

Did you know?

If you stop at the Doctor, Pharmacy or medical facility on your way home from work that the total mileage starting from your job until you arrive home is deductible as a medical expense if your expenses go over the required income?????

If you are required to spend part or all of you day at a different work location and your job doesn’t pay you mileage, you may be able to deduct all or part of the mileage and reduce your taxable income.

Tax Preparation, What sets us apart from the Crowd
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Ruehle Bookkeeping provides a variety of bookkeeping services and accounting services to companies in Boyertown, Douglassville, Pottstown and the surrounding areas. Besides bookkeeping services we also provide tax preparation for individuals and tax preparation for businesses. We are certified quickbooks proadvisors. Our accountant on staff is very knowledgeable and can help you with all of your accounting needs. We also provide part time controller services to companies in the Boyertown, Douglassville, and Pottstown areas.
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